Vetrya[VTY.MI]: Defining The Next Frontier In Telecommunications Services With Microsoft

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Luca Tomassini, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Vetrya[VTY.MI]Luca Tomassini, Founder, Chairman and CEO The speed of digital change is transforming every sector of our lives, from jobs to studies, from economies to culture. But, unlike other paradigm shifts in history, this time,‘the rate of change’is unprecedented. In the coming years, in all likelihood, there will be an ever closer and indistinct integration between the real and virtual world. The network, with its enormous power is the propeller of these major changes in the industry, especially the way products and services are brought to market. Vetrya’s spirit lies intertwined with this evolution. Luca Tomassini,the founder, chairman, and CEO says, “In Vetrya we invest every day to contribute to the growth of this ‘new world.’ We believe that innovation is the key to success, when combined with the ability to adapt the offer to the needs of all markets. It is part of every human product, service or relationship.”

Vetrya is a leading international group recognized in the development of digital services, applications, business models enabled by internet network technology, ultra-broadband and telecommunications networks. As an international group, Vetrya is able to technologically enable these changes with the ability to interpret innovation, making it functional to the needs of customers. A recognized leader operating in the digital communication, media, mobile, advertising, entertainment, design, digital advertising, big data, internet of things, social networking and cloud computing sectors, the company makes technological innovation its strong point. “We promote customer success by introducing innovation throughout the value chain, with a wide range of platforms, services and cloud computing solutions for the main telecommunications operators, industrial groups, media companies, publishers, broadcasters, banks, utilities, manufacturing, energy & utilities, financial services, retail and consumer product,” states Tomassini.

Telecom + Cloud: Forged by a Visionary Partnership with Microsoft

Vetrya’s main customers, including telecommunications operators, media companies, publishers, and energy companies, face the challenge of convergence between media and telecommunications: bringing all editorial, television, and multimedia content and services to the internet. There are also companies belonging to other sectors, such as utilities, training providers, large publishing groups, and content providers who needed to exploit the power of multimedia for internal and external communication and to deliver their services remotely. Finally, companies from different sectors struggle in attaining a complete and transparent digital transformation of their businesses. To this end, Vetrya works to make digital transformation concrete by leveraging cloud computing as an extraordinary process enabler on broadband networks. “The goal is to optimize costs and make workflows faster,” mentions Tomassini. Thanks to its strategic partnership with Microsoft, Vetrya is able to offer and develop cloud services and solutions that use all the important features of the Azure platform.

“Through our partnership with Microsoft, we develop cloud solutions— public and private or hybrid—that derive maximum business value,” says Tomassini.

Vetrya, thanks to the strategic partnership with Microsoft, is able to offer and develop Cloud services and solutions that use all the important features of the Azure platform

With the Vetrya-Microsoft partnership, clients can leverage Azure-based service offering, which provides them the flexibility to innovate their business environment.

The company guarantees completely flexible data centerservices through Microsoft System Center by working with dynamic provisioning, resource pooling, and automation strategies. After all, new paradigms such as cloud computing, digital services, and big data offer companies new and important opportunities to better deal with customers. Vetrya, in this regard, helps them adopt integration strategies and IT architectures via integration systems (API), microservices, and automation, to ultimately make companies agile, efficient, and competitive.

Spurring a New Era in Enterprise Technology and Services Delivery

A household name in the telecommunications and business services landscape, Vetrya is listed on the AIM Italia Alternative Capital Market organized and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange.

The company marks its presence in the United States asVetrya US Inc., Palo Alto, California, on the Southeast Asian market through Vetrya Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd., based in Kuala Lumpur, on Latin America with Vetrya do Brasil based in Rio de Janeiro, on the Iberian market with Vetrya Iberia Sl, in Madrid, and in the UK through Viralize UK Ltd, London. With such a wide-spanning presence globally, Vetrya Group boasts successful partnerships with the most important industries, global telecommunications operators, media companies, publishers, broadcasters, banks, utility companies, manufacturers, and consumer product entities. As such, the company, rather globally, is charting the next frontier for telecom services’ evolution.

Promoting Customer Success with Innovation

Combining its passion for innovation with the sensitivity for market gaps, Vetrya thoroughly analyzes the customer’s needs, highlighting their needs and matching them with its solutions’ as the first step of their engagement. Next, the company works on the customization of the platforms to fully adapt them to the specific requests, always operating according to the Agile methodology based on several checkpoints while continuously benchmarking them with the customer’s needs.
The complete scalability and possibility of customizing Vetrya’s solutions ensures that they are always ready to grasp the opportunities arising from the exponential growth of network connection capacities and the appearance of increasingly intelligent technologies capable of exploiting these capabilities. “For us, technological innovation is at the basis of the development of the Group, which has always pursued the objective of promoting innovative solutions on the market to guarantee its customers the tools necessary to increase flexibility and efficiency,” says Tomassini. “We interpret innovation, making it functional to the needs of customers. We are committed to investments in research, development and promotion of innovative solutions and services.”

For example, for one of its clients that had to manage all its video content, distributed both in the Italian headquarters and foreign branches, Vetrya took an innovative approach. Vetrya’s Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform for live and on-demand video was customized to allow the customer to store and distribute various multimedia contents, such as video, audio, and images.

"Through our strategic partnership with Microsoft we develop cloud solutions—both public and private or hybrid—able to derive maximum business value, develop innovation and make the most of Azure performance"

Scripting such success stories has allowed Vetrya to not only quickly internationalize its offering—while limiting costs and maximizing returns— but to fully leverage the capabilities of advanced services pertaining to artificial intelligence, big data, and cognitive technologies. “Today we want to bring our customers to experience extraordinary opportunity, proposing ourselves not only as solution providers but also as cloud enablers, with the skills and quality that have always distinguished us. We’re just getting started. Broadband, combined with cloud computing and artificial intelligence, opens up boundless spaces for the development of digital services and solutions,” concludes Tomassini.

Side Panel Inside the Cover Story:

One of the fathers of Italian mobile telephony and a renowned Italian innovator, Tomassini understands the value of people in combining the new digital world and humanism. In fact, he has been at the forefront of leveraging the extraordinary potential of cloud computing and human power to launch the world’s first mobile TV service on 2.5G and 3G networks for TIM in Italy, Brazil, Peru, and Greece. In addition to being the visionary leader of Vetrya, Tomassini is a former director of innovation of the Telecom Italia Group and an adjunct professor at the Luiss Business School University. He says, “I took up challenges, even those that weren’t directed at me. But perhaps the most beautiful thing I have managed to gather is the company of other travelers following my own crazy compass. And here I am today, immersed in the desire to continue to raise myhead to see beyond what is still there. I continue to have a horizon in my suitcase and the crazy awareness that nothing ever ends there.
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Luca Tomassini, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Vetrya [VTY.MI] is an Italian group recognized leader in developing digital services, applications, and broadband solutions